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Keep sensitive information like passwords out of your chats by creating a one-time link. For additional protection, the content can be encrypted with a passphrase if required.

The secret link can only be accessed once. The content will then be deleted forever.


The passphrase is optional and additionally secures the content. This passphrase must be entered when opening the link.

The secret link only works once and the content will be deleted afterwards.

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The secret link only works once and the content will be deleted forever afterwards.

The age of secure communication with OTS

In today's digital cosmos, information is both a valuable asset and a potential threat. Particularly confidential data is at risk in the constant flow of communication channels and platforms. Therefore, protecting such data is essential. Here the instrument of the One Time Secrets (OTS) introduces itself.

One Time Secrets are more than just a security tool. They represent a new way of thinking about privacy and information sharing. OTS gives users back control of their data and offers a simple but effective solution to an increasing challenge in the digital world.

By using OTS, you can protect your confidential data and communicate with peace of mind. You can use the digital world as it should be: safe and secure.

At a time when data protection is becoming more and more important, One Time Secrets are an important step towards a secure digital future. Take advantage of OTS and regain control of your data. It's time for One Time Secrets